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Massage Therapy Serving Indian Trail + Charlotte, NC

Prenatal + Postnatal Treatment

A caring touch to support the physiologic, structural and emotional well-being of both mother & baby, before and after birth. The benefits of Prenatal therapy are profound, including emotional support, the reduction of joint pain due to extra weight and postural imbalance, improved breathing and relaxation, relief from uncomfortable digestive issues and enhanced energy levels.

Massage therapy can be applied throughout pregnancy, during labor & the postpartum period, helping mothers to experience their changing body in more positive nurturing ways.          


$70 / 60 Minutes    

Dina is the best. She helped me through my two pregnancies and a lot of sacral pain.



Customized Treatment

A wonderful way to experience muscle release and relaxation. This treatment provides an increase in circulation oxygen and nutrients to any affected areas. All modalities are integrated using light to firm pressure. The body knows exactly what you need! Yes you may feel relaxed, energized and just a little woozy.          


$40 / 30 Minutes          $70 / 60 Minutes          $110 / 90 Minutes          

Just a really great massage. Incredibly relaxing and skillfully performed!


Deep Tissue Treatment

Due to the nature of deep tissue work, open communication during the session is crucial to make sure you don't get too uncomfortable. DT IS An intrinsic style designed at the deeper tissue structures of the muscle and fascia, called connective tissue. DT massage therapy is a highly effective method for releasing chronic stress due to misalignment, everyday movements, lifting and past lingering injuries. Keep in mind soreness is pretty common after the treatment, and plenty of water should be digested to aid the removal of any toxins released from the work.          


$40 / 30 Minutes          $70 / 60 Minutes          $110 / 90 Minutes

Exactly what I needed. Back and shoulders were in so much pain I couldn't sleep. Dina saw me the very next day as soon as she could, and I feel phenomenal now! Very relaxing, very accommodating, can't wait to go back.


Raindrop Therapy Treatment, Young Living Essential Oils

Raindrop technique is a powerful technique using 9  essential oils that was developed by D. Gary Young in the 1980s. It combines several holistic modalities to bring balance and alignment to the body in a non-invasive manner. It also stimulates all the body systems on a physical and emotionally level. This technique involves applying therapeutic grade essential oils to the spine, neck and feet. The session lasts about 60-90  minutes however the benefits may last up to a week or more.

Read More Here.          


$85 / 60 Minutes          $125 / 90 Minutes

Very healing! Total tranquility... once a week 90 minutes... total peace of mind and body... Love you Dina.


Children's Treatment (Age 5+)

Your child will discover relaxation and muscle release. Music, aromatherapy and laughter will be integrated to create a positive nurturing environment.

Parents will be shown how to use these techniques at home. Please note parents will be present at all sessions.          


$40 / 30-40 Minutes

My kids love Dina. She is incredibly gifted with the kids. Understands the body very well. They are feeling so much better and talk about their massages all the time. Highly recommend her care!!


Induction Treatment

Can be given on or after your due date. We work on acupressure points that are normally avoided during pregnancy or can trigger labor. Induction massage helps to relax & calm your mind-body, easing tension and helps to create a clear and grounded space. If desired, essential oils can assist with labor preparation. It is a very successful form of labor induction if the body/baby is ready & the mother is receptive to the energy flow.

$40 / 30 Minutes          $70 / 60 Minutes          $110 / 90 Minutes   

Dina is the best. She helped me through my two pregnancies and a lot of sacral pain. -M.

Energy Healing Session

Is an energy technique administered for stress reduction, relaxation, cell rejuvenation, mental clarity and balance to your Chakras. If ones energy is low, then we are more likely to get sick, feel the tingles of stress in our bodies and even lash out at each other and if it's high, well, we are more capable of being happy, healthy resulting in a fulfilled lifestyle. This ancient healing involves the placement of hands onto the body in order to channel the supply of your life force energy. Available for All Ages!          


$45 / 30 Minutes          $80 / 60 Minutes​

I had such a great relaxing massage done by Dina and I can't wait to book another appointment.


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